Truckload Services

Truckload Services

Dry Van

Dry van trailer

Typically 53 or 48 feet in length with an inside width of 99 inches and height of 110 inches. Dry vans can usually haul up to 45,000 pounds and often require a dock or fork lift and pallet jack for loading and offloading.

  • 24 standard pallets fit in a 48’ dry van and 26 standard pallets fit in a 53’ dry van.
  • Most have swing doors, which provide unencumbered access. Roll-up doors are more commonly found on 48 foot trailers and diminish the loading/unloading width to between 93 and 96 inches and the height to approximately 105 inches.


Flatbed trailer

Typically 48 feet in length and 8 feet 6 inches (102”) wide, the flatbed is best for freight up to 48,000 pounds that does not need to be enclosed for protection from the elements or does not need to be loaded or unloaded from a dock.

  • Flatbeds can be loaded or unloaded from the sides.
  • Equipment commonly carried for securing freight includes chains, straps, and bindings. Equipment such as tarps, stakes, racks, and v-boards are also available for an added cost.


Refrigerated trailer

The refrigerated van, or reefer, is typically 53 feet long and features a temperature-controlled interior so that goods can be transported within a designated temperature range. Reefers usually haul up to 44,000 pounds. Maximum inside height is generally 8 feet and width is usually between 93 and 96 inches.

  • Reefers feature swing doors or roll-up doors.
  • Most reefers are equipped with air-ride suspension, comprised of air lines, valves, and air-spring bags in place of steel suspension to reduce friction and movement of freight during transport.

Step Deck

Step deck trailer

Most step decks are 48 feet in length and can haul up to 48,000 pounds. They have two different deck levels: an upper deck and a lower deck which enable transport of freight taller than what is possible on a standard flatbed. Frequently used for drive-on equipment, step decks are also commonly equipped with ramps.

  • Length is usually either 37’ on the lower deck and 11’ on the upper deck (37/11) or 38’ on the lower deck and 10’ on the upper (38/10).
  • The lower deck can usually support freight that is 10 feet high.
  • The upper deck can usually support freight that is 8.5 feet high.

FreightZip Feature When a quote is enterted, FreightZip automatically checks the trip to insure accuracy in trailer selection and permitting.


RGN Trailer

The most common specialized trailers are Double Drop and RGN's (Removable Gooseneck) commonly referred to as lowboys, which can haul between 40,000 and 150,000 lbs. Greater weight necessitates more weight distribution, which requires more axles.

Used for heavy and over-dimensional freight, both have two drops in the deck called the well. On standard lowboys, the well length is usually between 25 and 29 feet and can be as low as a foot from the ground. Stretch trailers are also available, which extend the well length to accomodate longer loads.

Between the freight professionals and the tools available in FreightZip, moving heavy and over-dimensional freight is accurate, efficient, and cost-competitive.

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