FreightZip is the hybrid spot freight platform
combining the best in technology and freight brokerage services

So who handles what?


(from the platform)


(from service center)
Rates On Demand
Instant Booking Options
Unlimited Freight Posting
New Carrier Authentication
New Carrier Contracting
Fuel Advances & Carrier Payables
Safety Compliance Monitoring
API's & Integrations

We're All About Transparency
& Ease of use.

In addition to providing analytics, carrier procurement tools, tender, tracking, and electronic documents, FreightZip is a spot-market software solution developed and owned wholly by Transtech Inc, a duly licensed freight broker carrying each transaction moved on the FreightZip platform.

Charges are always transparent, visible within each shipment arranged, and include every service and feature provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FreightZip a subscription?

No. FreightZip is available as you need it. No commitments, no monthly subscription fees.

How does FreightZip make money?

Freightzip does not charge any subscription fees but when you book a load using freightzip fees are incurred. See Pricing.

Can I use freight brokers and FreightZip at the same time?

It's highly recommended that you use FreightZip as your sole broker so you don't inadvertently "compete with yourself" for trucks.

What's the difference between Freightzip and using a broker?

FreightZip does more than your broker can do, in fewer steps. It puts you in control and gives you the same powers of a broker.

Do you have an app?

Freightzip is a responsive web based application. Everything can be done from any desktop or mobile device through the website.

Am I obligated to use FreightZip?

No. If you don't like FreightZip, there is no obligation whatsoever. However, we are a very agile company and any suggestions will be taken seriously as we have the ability to implement your functionality requests in a very timely manner. If your use of FreightZip is stipulated upon a need that we don't currently provide a solution for, please tell us.