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Why FreightZip?

In addition to accessing a suite of extraordinary time-saving tools, our agile development team is eager to work with you to provide the customizations you need to ultimately achieve your ideal freight platform.


FreightZip SpotBot Infographic

FreightZip SpotBot is a smart carrier matching automation. It manages carrier lanes and automatically sends email and text message notifications to matching carriers instantly at the moment of a customer-booking. This automation enhances both freight coverage and carrier tendering from traditional processes by orders of magnitude.

Instant Rates

FreightZip Instant Rates Infographic

Rate prediction isn't easy. But with smart analytics using relevant market data and the settings you specify, FreightZip can provide an instant spot quote more accurately than a human.


FreightZip Followbot smartphone snapshot

Simply put, FollowBot is a chatbot that replaces outbound check calls. It communicates with dispatchers and drivers and posts alerts to your console when things get off schedule.

Triggers & Automations

FreightZip Triggers and Automations Infographic

Set automation triggers using FreightZip. For example, a trigger called On Booking enables automatic load alerts to be sent to carriers who have hauled lanes similar to the one just booked by your customer. You can also simultaneously have the load immediately posted to your integrated DAT and Truckstop accounts. Another trigger – On Delivery – automatically generates a QuickBooks billing entry, emails your invoice to the customer, and sends a post-delivery survey to the carrier.

Default automations can be set for your account and updated for each customer or individual shipment. FreightZip Automations reduce redundant work, save time, and help you scale a more effecient operation with fewer resources and lower costs.


FreightZip Integrations Collage

With a host of integrated functionality you can reduce redundancy and increase effeciency from the minute you sign up.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signing on tablet

Tech has transformed document management in virtually every other industry. Our electronic signatures can be used either to entirely replace paper or as a supplement for those who require hard copies.

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